The industrial style began, when in the 1950s, during the economic crisis in the United States, abandoned factory halls became apartments and studios for many artists. Spacious rooms forced the necessity to adapt to new living conditions and to use the potential of huge halls. Industrial furniture quickly gained popularity all over the world.


Recognizable all over the world, it is mainly characterized by the minimalism of workmanship, which fits perfectly in modern rooms as well as in apartments decorated in a classic style. The variety of industrial furniture enables interesting and bold compositions also in a small apartment.


guarantees stability and functionality for many years, thanks to a uniform structure that is welded and carefully ground, we are sure that the base of our furniture is indestructible. Each project is developed in detail by specialists who focus mainly on the quality and aesthetics of the furniture. The elements undergo rigorous quality control, thanks to which the customer receives perfectly made furniture that looks very original and aesthetic.


provide the comfort of use for many years and make our interiors take on an elegant character. The best quality materials are used for the production of industrial furniture, a combination of metal and wood, not only looks great but also works great during use. When arranging a living room or a bedroom, it is worth thinking about accessories that will emphasize the presence of an industrial style and at the same time fulfil their functions. A wide selection of chests of drawers and shelves allows you to refine the arrangement of every space in our apartment. If you have an undeveloped wall, put it on a metal shelf that will look great and provide space for your favourite items, souvenirs or flowers. The metal structure of the rack can be attached to the wall or ceiling, thanks to which it looks very original and guarantees stability, thanks to which we can easily place many items, even those in size.


they perfectly fulfil their functions and ensure the comfort of use. The solid construction of the furniture guarantees attention to the smallest details and excellent quality of workmanship. The industrial style of furniture has a specific character, distinguished by its original design, which attracts the attention of experts and ordinary people who want to stand out their interiors with a unique form of decor. They also turn out to be a great choice for people who often make changes to their interiors and need furniture that will work almost everywhere. The group of supporters of metal furniture is still growing, because it has a simple body, without fancy decorations, which looks great and is functional for many years of use.

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