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Coffee table SIMPLE


Coffee table SIMPLE


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The industrial style is now seen as a luxury and good taste. This style, however, arose from the need to adapt to new living conditions when, in the 1950s in the United States, abandoned factory halls were used as apartments and studios for many artists. Industrial furniture is characterized by remarkable durability and functionalism. The original form of the coffee table allows you to create a unique arrangement of modern and traditional interiors. The coffee table, made in the industrial style, is characterized by special originality and a high standard of workmanship. The solidly welded and grounded table base is connected with the best quality wood, which is additionally protected with UV-hardened oils. This process creates a protective barrier for our tabletop that prevents water and dirt from penetrating the wood. In addition, the metal bases of the furniture are powder coated, making them extremely resistant to mechanical damage, corrosion, and moisture. Another advantage of powder coating is the durability of the color, which retains its intensity for many years.

A coffee table in the living room is an excellent choice for people who want to create unique interiors that are not necessarily 100 percent industrial. The minimalism of the industrial table allows it to be combined with a different interior design. The living room is a special place in our home; let’s take care of an elegant and functional decor that will provide our family with comfort and look great. It is in the living room that we spend our free time with the family and welcome guests. A coffee table in the living room is an indispensable element that replaces a large table. The variety of coffee tables allows you to fit them into any interior, and their character allows for the implementation of both simple and bolder projects. Coffee tables are among the few that will fit perfectly into any interior; sometimes only minor changes are enough to make our living room a unique place, a place that emphasizes our unconventional personality.