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Industrial style

a few seasons ago, it took the interior design market by storm and it is unlikely that it will lose popularity in the near future. Due to the simplicity of the patterns, the severity of the finish, limited color palettes, spaces designed in an industrial style can be considered timeless in our realities.  The raw spaces filled with plants, huge windows, sophisticated and functional metal furniture and the reuse of various materials are especially delightful. The industrial style, which was once rather a necessity resulting from the poor economic situation and had only a utilitarian application, now it has become a synonym for extraordinary and stylish trends in interior design.

Industrial furniture and their purpose

There are many categories of industrial furniture due to their wide functionality. Industrial furniture, perfect for any space in your home. They can be used as a decoration in your room as well as a perfect way to store large amounts of documentation or other things. Due to metal structure, industrial furniture is very stable, keeping an elegant style! The most common industrial furniture are tables and coffee tables, as well as desks and shelves. Wardrobes and industrial beds are also appearing on the market.


Coffee tables


Examples of interior arrangements

Industrial style -kitchen

In our offer you will find a wide range of kitchen furniture, metal tables or breakfast tables. We offer stable furniture made of high-quality materials. In addition, our well-developed machinery park enables us to powder-coat all elements, even the large-size ones, in any color. By establishing cooperation with our company, you provide yourself with a guarantee of high-quality products, created by experienced staff, always on time and at competitive prices.

Living room – industrial coffee table

We offer the possibility of making any type of legs for coffee tables. The furniture is made to dimension, so you decide what it will look like. As a subcontractor, we create on the basis of our clients projects, while keeping extraordinary precision and 100% equivalent of projects, with an accuracy down to the millimeter. When creating our own projects, we follow modern solutions and the market demand. Every day we expand our catalog with new proposals and projects. Contact us today and we will answer every question!

Industrial desk – office and home

As a Polish manufacturer of industrial furniture and metal elements, we offer assistance in equipping office buildings. We guarantee high quality and stability of our products. Our desks and shelves are perfect for everyday work as well as for storing large amounts of documents and other materials. Additionally, our products are powder coated, in the color of your choice, which increases their resistance to damage. We produce furniture based on the highest standards and current trends in design.


We have extensive experience in the implementation of our own and our clients projects. Our staff consists of experienced designers, thanks to which we offer a wide range of services related to the valuation of projects, creating projects and technical consulting. Industrial furniture is our specialty. Day by day we are expanding our offer with new products, pouring inspiration into projects of extraordinary interior design elements. The leitmotif of our employees is the quality and precision of workmanship. Give us your idea and drawings and we will create a plan and visualization of individual elements.

Industrial style

The industrial style appeared in Poland in the 90s. Its main goal is to visually enlarge the space by using industrial furniture, otherwise known as loft furniture. As a manufacturer of industrial furniture, our offer includes furniture that is perfect for your kitchen, living room, office or garden. We offer various types of industrial furniture designs. Elektron’s industrial furniture is distinguished by high quality and precision of workmanship. We have met the requirements of many customers, gaining their trust. The loft style is a perfect and modern solution combining the raw look of metal and the warmth of wood. Thanks to the use of durable and damage-resistant metal, industrial furniture is extremely stable and solid. The final stage of loft furniture production is powder coating, which additionally increases the quality of the product, the tops are protected with UV-hardened oils – This ensures the possibility of many years of use of the furniture, and its minimalist and elegant style will always make it fashionable.

Industrial furniture in the living room

The living room is a showcase of our house, this is where we welcome our guests and spend most of our free time. When arranging a living room, we do not necessarily have to focus entirely on the industrial style. In larger rooms or apartments, a set of industrial furniture will be a good solution, such as: a coffee table, an industrial bookcase or industrial decorations. Thanks to this, we will achieve an amazing visual effect of our salon characterized by restraint and calmness as well as elegance. Industrial furniture, otherwise loft furniture, is also ideal for smaller rooms, where we want to keep as much optical space as possible, ensuring its functionality without “cluttering” it. Regardless of the decor of our living room, by placing an industrial coffee table in it, we will emphasize the character of our room. We offer many designs of industrial tables, round or rectangular and a diverse range of modern designs to choose from.

Industrial style in the office

The office as the place of our work plays a huge role in creating the image of us and our company. It is not only a place of our work, but also a place where we store a large amount of documentation and we welcome our clients. Our company headquarters plays a huge role in building the first impression of our clients, which is extremely important in continuing to gain their trust. 

Using industrial furniture such as coffee tables or industrial desks we provide elegant style and functionality of the office. Industrial furniture, thanks to its metal structure, is characterized by stability, this allows you to store large amounts of heavy documentation, as well as a basis for elegant decoration or flowers, emphasizing the style of the apartment. Our industrial furniture are painted using powder paints, to increase their resistance to damage, so you will not have to worry about faults or too early replacement of furniture with new ones. We guarantee many years of use of Elektron industrial furniture.