Contract furniture is an inseparable element of furnishing commercial spaces such as hotels, restaurants, offices, and schools. Because contract furniture is made to order, it is tailored to the needs and expectations of customers while also meeting the requirements for strength and functionality. 
As a manufacturer of contract furniture, we offer our customers a wide range of products, including metal furniture, which is becoming more and more popular among designers and investors. Our contract furniture is manufactured in Poland in our modern production plant, where we use advanced machinery and the best quality materials.


The production process for contract furniture begins with the concept that the client gives us. Our project managers and technologists can create furniture visualizations to show the client the result. Once the design is approved, we move on to production. For this purpose, we use machines and tools that enable us to accurately process and ensure the high quality of the final product.

Our contract furniture meets the expectations of even the most demanding customers because each project is created individually according to the customer’s requirements. We provide full flexibility in the design and production of furniture to meet the expectations of the customer. In the case of hotels and restaurants, our furniture must meet the requirements for durability and ease of cleaning, which is why we use materials that are resistant to abrasion and mechanical damage and easy to clean.
Office furniture, such as desks, cabinets, shelves, or chairs, must be ergonomic and comfortable for users. We also offer school furniture, such as benches, tables, and chairs, that is adapted to the height and needs of children.
It is worth mentioning that our contract furniture not only meets the functional and aesthetic requirements but also fits into the current trends in space arrangement. Currently, metal furniture is very fashionable and is characterized by a minimalist design and durability. The metal contract furniture we offer is unique because, in addition to aesthetics and durability, we try to advise you to design it to ensure convenience and comfort of use.


Contract furniture is an inseparable element of furnishing commercial spaces, and our company, as a manufacturer of contract furniture, offers its customers products of high quality, durability, and aesthetics. We are flexible and open to customer needs, which means that we treat each order individually. We have completed a wide range of contract furniture, including metal furniture, which is not only durable but also aesthetic and comfortable to use.
We work with various industries, such as hotels, restaurants, offices, and schools. Our contract furniture is used not only in these industries but also in residential spaces, such as loft apartments or houses with an industrial design. Our offer is addressed to everyone who appreciates functionality, durability, and aesthetics.

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As a manufacturer of contract furniture, we always try to meet the expectations of our customers, which is why we make every effort to ensure that the production process and order fulfilment run smoothly and by customer expectations. We are open to suggestions and needs of customers, as well as to new design challenges.

To meet the expectations of the market, we are constantly expanding our offer and introducing new solutions to the market that respond to current needs, so if you are looking for contract furniture that is functional, durable, and aesthetic, we invite you to take advantage of our offer. We are convinced that by ordering from us, you will receive furniture that will meet your expectations and will be an ideal solution for furnishing your commercial space.