The kitchen is the showpiece of the house. We spend a lot of our time in it, as well as often receive guests there. Meetings for coffee and cake are the best way to chat together. When designing our kitchen, we make sure that it is functional and, at the same time, elegant and unique, so that you can enjoy it every time and spend time in it with pleasure. The first stage is the design of our kitchen, and already there are three issues: tiles, household appliances, and most importantly, kitchen furniture. Nowadays, the possibilities for designing furniture are endless. Everyone, however, wants their kitchen to be not only beautiful but also in line with the latest trends. And this is why our company specializes in industrial-style metal kitchen furniture. Elektron Furniture is a Polish manufacturer of custom-made kitchen furniture and metal furniture with unusual properties.




Industrial-style kitchen—for many, it is a black kitchen, cold and raw. Not necessarily! The industrial style in the kitchen is an increasingly common solution in homes. Yes, black is the leitmotif of the loft style, but it is usually combined with other shades, such as beige, gold, or silver. The result is kitchen furniture with an elegant and warm style. As a manufacturer of custom-made kitchen furniture, we do not suggest that the kitchen arrangement be entirely made of metal; our task is to produce metal accessories for the kitchen, such as metal tables, coffee tables, or metal decorations.

Loft style, industrial in the kitchen: when did it appear, and what is it?

The industrial style originated in the United States when people began to use the spaces of abandoned factories, warehouses, or production halls. Hence, the style is associated with large spaces, large windows, visible installation, long-hanging lamps, and metal lamps. An important feature of the industrial style is that metal elements in the apartment optically enlarge its surface. Metal elements make the interior elegant and aesthetic. As a manufacturer of metal structures and elements, we attach great importance to the precision of each element. High quality and precision of workmanship are our main themes. Our staff are specialists in design and production in the field of metal. Industrial furniture fits perfectly with the rest of the arrangement, but not necessarily in the same style. So the question arises: what kind of furniture for the kitchen? The most often chosen are metal tables, breakfast tables, and various accessories and decorations, such as metal hanging cabinets, shelves, clocks, and flower pots.

Are we able to offer a solution when there is no room for a large table? Of course we are! The answer to this question is the production of metal breakfast tables. Shapely and at the same time functional breakfast tables are a very common choice for smaller rooms in apartments, especially in larger cities where most people live in apartment blocks and skyscrapers. The production offer of breakfast tables with a metal structure is wide because we can choose the entire table with a top or the structure itself, prepared for the installation of the top selected by the customer.

As a furniture distributor, you will be able to create a table in line with your inspirations, or you can trust our designs. All you have to do is consult our sales manager, choose the projects that interest you, and sell them in your store, enjoying the profits overnight. Our offer is expanding day by day, not only in terms of the diversified design of our projects but also in the possibilities offered by our constantly developing machinery park, operated by experienced specialists in this field.



The Elektron Furniture team is open to cooperation. To facilitate cooperation, in addition to providing design, the performance of services, and professional advice at every stage of cooperation, we also offer the possibility of visualizing individual projects. If a manufacturer of metal elements, a manufacturer of industrial furniture, or a subcontractor of metal elements is what you need for your business to grow, you’ve come to the right place! We will take up any challenge at any time convenient for you and, most importantly, at a competitive price!

As a manufacturer of metal furniture and accessories, we create all types of metal. Furniture made of metal profiles, bars, and sheets that are laser cut, bent, or welded All this is with us, quickly and at competitive prices. The variety of our products is made possible by the availability of a wide range of materials for production. At the same time, it allows our designers to show off where they create their inspirations and pour them into specialized programs where the first drawings and visualizations are created.