Metal accessories and additions are becoming more and more frequent elements of equipment in our apartments, when we want to add a bit of industrial style to the arrangement. As a manufacturer of metal elements, additions and accessories, we offer a wide range of products from every possible category, from the most popular metal legs, metal shelves for the table for all kinds of hangers and decorations. Metal legs for tables are a very popular solution in many apartments. Most people choose to combine a metal structure with a wooden top, because it is an amazing combination of austerity and warmth, giving our rooms a unique elegance. People often buy made to measure metal legs to be able to choose a tabletop that matches the current interior or other tables or tables. The possibilities in terms of patterns and colors are endless. Today’s technology, using modern machines such as 2D or 3D laser and other metalworking machines allows you to make every possible element, as inspired by designers. Metal legs made of profiles, made of sheet metal or a bar – whatever comes to mind – as a manufacturer of metal accessories, we will undertake every order, and all this to meet the requirements of our customers and gain user satisfaction with the offer of our production.

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When deciding on metal legs for the table, it is worth paying attention to the fact, that the metal structure is one of the most solid and stable, unlike legs made of other materials, metal legs for tables are not susceptible to factors such as water or cold, they are perfect as a base for heavy worktops and are very easy to clean – do not require the use of chemicals. The most important, i.e. the finish, powder coated legs – this method of finishing enriches the product with resistance to damage and destruction, additionally, giving the possibility to choose colors and structures. Our projects do not end with four legs. We design with passion and interest, creating unusual elements, combining the available elements together, which will emphasize the character of the interior.

Due to the diversity of our apartments and above all, free square meters each of us needs a table or coffee table with different dimensions – as a Polish manufacturer, we offer the possibility of producing metal legs to size. If you are a distributor of metal furniture, accessories and decorations, and a manufacturer of metal elements is what you are looking for – you are in a right place.

For furniture distributors, we provide a production service, pattern projection and the possibility of providing visualization before accepting the projects. As a subcontractor of metal elements, we undertake each order, always on time and using the highest quality products. We guarantee precision in the work performed by our experienced experts in the field of metal.

Metal accessories are a very wide topic. Nowadays, interior designers are opting for more and more metal accessories, because regardless of the overall arrangement, they always fit perfectly into the interior, give elegance and are extremely durable. An ideal example here are industrial shelves or various types of hangers.

As a manufacturer of metal shelves and industrial decorations, we guarantee the high quality of our products and their functionality. The advantages of industrial elements, apart from the unusual appearance, are the main reason for their choice. For example, industrial shelves, made of a metal structure and a wooden top, as a combination of austerity and warmth, are perfect for light decorations such as photos, as well as heavy documents and studio elements. They are also often used in stores, thanks to their elegance, they perfectly present the products placed on them. They emphasize the class and high standard. Industrial accessories enjoy their originality for many years of use. Another element of interior design that can be found in every home is a hanger. As with industrial shelves, the types and sizes of hangers are endless. Some, depending on the size of the rooms and their arrangement, decide on standing hangers, others on hanging ones. The choice is huge and even the most demanding ones will find something for themselves. Like other metal elements, hangers for clothes or keys, thanks to their metal structure, are very resistant to damage and, importantly in this particular case, resistant to abrasion. By mounting the hanger to our wall, we can be sure that it will serve us for many years, welcoming us and our guests in an elegant style. Industrial accessories can be found everywhere, in the kitchen, living room, office or waiting room, their popularity is increasing day by day.


Interior designers often choose industrial accessories because they emphasize the character of the interior as well as optically enlarge it. Large mirrors, hanging lamps, metal shelves and flower pots, all with the addition of wood warmth and flower greenery. When deciding on such an interior, we do not necessarily have to be fans of the industrial style. Even a single element will be great and will stand out while attracting the eye of our guests.

A manufacturer of metal furniture, a manufacturer of metal legs, a manufacturer of accessories and metal decorations – all in one – the Elektron Furniture company. We work with passion and commitment, we undertake every order and we care about the satisfaction of our clients. If you are interested in cooperation with a manufacturer of metal elements, a company dealing in metal processing, contact us today. Our sales consultants will present you our offer, prepare a valuation of individual projects or complete projects. We offer favorable terms of cooperation, competitive prices and high-quality products, which you will be able to proudly represent your store.