Production of metal furniture – industrial

Metal furniture production

What are the stages in metal production? The life of a piece of furniture begins with an idea. The idea is transferred by the programme into a drawing, which goes to production in the hands of welders, laser operators, grinders, powder painters and packers. The process does not seem complicated, however, it requires precision and accuracy of work. After each stage, quality control is carried out to ensure each customer’s satisfaction. Furniture is made from the highest quality materials on high quality equipment.

Industrial furniture

Industrial furniture is called loft furniture. They are made of metal in combination with wood. They are furniture inspired by warehouse racks and factory objects. They are minimalist thanks to which they create a unique interior. This furniture emphasises the austerity of walls and floors. Thanks to its functionality and unusual style, it will delight each of us. The construction of the furniture is simple, light and geometric. They do not encumber the room, which makes it more spacious.

Metal furniture material

The material of which furniture is made of metal, wood (solid or stave), glass and, as recently shown in pictures on the Internet, concrete. For production, we can use old, recycled wood, which blends wonderfully with metal. Metal elements are made of sheets, profiles and bars. Glass used in production is popular due to its resistance to water and easy cleaning. Metal and wood are also materials that are easy to keep clean. In addition, metal is extremely resistant to scratches.


Metal furniture – what equipment

To create metal furniture, we need various equipment and tools. To create a design, we need a computer or laptop with a special graphics program. To join metal elements together we need welding machines. After welding, the splines are removed with grinders. The parts are bent using bending machines and press brakes. The finished parts are cleaned and powder coated in a paint shop and dried. Each stage is carried out using the highest-class equipment thanks to which we provide high-quality services.


Industrial furniture – production stages

What does the production stage look like? Before the drawing is delivered to production, the material stock is checked. If everything is ok we start to work. Depending on the shape of the detail it is laser cut or bent. This is followed by the welding process. When the welder’s work is finished, the product is placed in the hands of the locksmith who, using a grinder, removes the excess flux after the welding. The next stage is powder coating and drying. The finished part is packed. After each stage, the quality of the completed process is checked.

Metal table

The table made in industrial style will perfectly fit into any interior. These tables are massive and stable, yet elegant. Metal legs or a frame in various shapes and a wooden table top are one of the advantages of the loft style. We will feel great when drinking coffee at such a table. While reading a book, the metal table will be an ideal place to put it down.

Every home has a table, where we eat meals together with our family. It is an essential piece of furniture. Replace the traditional wooden table with a solid metal table. Variously shaped metal legs and a beautiful oak table top will be a place where we will willingly and with pleasure spend time in the family circle. Place loft decorations on the table and hang a metal lamp or characteristic bare lighting above it, emphasizing the magnificence of the table. The metal table will certainly be a hit in our dining room.

Advantages of metal furniture

What are the advantages of metal furniture? You can list quite a few of them. Their main advantage is the durability of the material from which they are made. This furniture is easy to keep clean, so we do not have to spend a fortune on furniture care products. Their openwork structure optically enlarges the space. They have a simple form referring to the factory style. Massive and geometric shapes are another advantage of industrial furniture. Wood and metal are a perfect duet which creates the impression of timelessness.

Metal furniture characteristics

Characteristic features are metal and wood. They are an original element of decor, regardless of whether we decorate a flat, house or office. They are made in a simple style which guarantees durability. They have simple yet elegant arrangements. They are made in a classic and geometric form, which makes them effective and very practical. The metal brackets add light to the metal furniture. Due to the material, they are made of, the furniture is characterised by considerable durability. They are resistant to weather conditions, humidity and temperature changes.

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