The industrial style is very popular all over the world these days. The style was created in the 1950s in the United States, where abandoned factory halls became artists’ apartments and studios. The industrial style was created out of the necessity to adapt to new living conditions.

Industrial furniture – features

Industrial furniture is primarily characterized by minimalism and functionality, thanks to these advantages, this furniture has gained great popularity. Structures made in a simple form, preserved in neutral colors, with their originality and uniqueness of workmanship, delight owners of good taste.

Industrial furniture – material

The material from which industrial furniture is made, i.e. metal and wood, guarantees the stability and durability of the furniture for many years. The best quality steel and wood are used for the production of industrial furniture, most often solid wood worktops. Neutral colours such as white, black and shades of grey match the metal bases of industrial furniture. Furniture made in this way will certainly be durable and functional for a long time. Avoiding plastic and other synthetic materials makes industrial furniture look surprisingly elegant and stylish.

Powder-coated industrial furniture

During the production of industrial furniture, the bases are powder coated, thanks to which the furniture looks great and is resistant to all kinds of damage or scratches. Visual effects can be glossy, matte or structural, which allows you to choose the right colour for your interiors. Powder coating is more expensive than traditional painting, yet it is an economical method because the surfaces are protected for many years and the colour does not fade, which often happens when we use ordinary paints.

Advantages of powder coating

Powder coating has many advantages. For some, the most important thing is that they are not harmful to health and the environment. For others, what matters most is color durability and resistance to difficult weather conditions, such as low temperatures, rain or sun rays. Another advantage of powder coating is the perfect surface coverage, even in hard-to-reach places it is not a problem.

Industrial furniture advantages

Thanks to the simplicity of execution, industrial furniture will easily fit into any interior. The industrial style is most often chosen by people who arrange modern and spacious rooms, although the diversity in the choice of furniture makes it possible to equip apartments decorated in a classic style. The minimalism of workmanship and the lack of fancy ornaments means that they can be successfully combined with another style. It is an ideal solution for people who are looking for fashionable and original solutions in interior design.

The durability of industrial furniture

Industrial furniture undoubtedly belongs to the small group of furniture that is extremely durable and will certainly serve us for many years, when we decide to change the interior design, we can successfully place tables and shelves in the garage, where they will also fulfil their function and help in maintaining okay. When choosing furniture for our apartments, it is worth focusing on high quality. Industrial furniture is meticulously supervised during the entire production process, with attention to the precise finish of the smallest details, so that the final effect satisfies even the most demanding customers. Both metal and wood are extremely durable materials, so we can place many items, even large ones, on such industrial shelves.

The structure of industrial furniture is made of solidly welded metal parts that are ground and powder coated, which protects against various types of damage. The uniform base does not require assembly, which guarantees the stability of the furniture and ensures its durability and functionality for a long time. A stable structure of furniture requires a connection with the best quality wood, most often they are solid wood tops, which are protected with UV-hardened oils, thanks to which they have a protective barrier that prevents dirt and water from penetrating the wood.

Until recently, steel structures were associated mainly with store shelves and warehouses. Currently, the steel structure of industrial furniture fits perfectly in our homes, regardless of whether they are decorated in a modern or traditional style. Their simple design allows them to be placed anywhere in our home. For example, a bookcase made entirely of metal fits in the bedroom, living room or hall, and its stable structure will allow for maximum space management.

The metal structure of industrial furniture works well both in furnishing our apartments and in the garden. Following the principle that less is more, this furniture does not have all kinds of decorations or accessories that have nothing to do with the raw finish of the furniture. The metal structure ensures stability and durability, in addition, the powder-coated furniture elements are resistant to mechanical damage, corrosion and moisture.

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