Loft, a style initiated in the 1950s in the United States, where abandoned post-factory halls were used by many artists and not only as apartments and studios. The need to adapt to new living conditions, to develop high and spacious rooms, created a new style of interior design, a loft style. This style quickly gained immense popularity around the world. Loft furniture is characterized primarily by minimalism and functionality.

Loft style – Prices

The perfect finish of loft furniture, i.e. a solid base, which is welded and polished, combined with the best quality wood, must be reflected in the price, which is often higher than furniture made of cheap materials at a lower cost. Loft furniture, however, is extremely durable and stable for many years. The purchase of loft furniture is therefore a guarantee of functionality combined with unique aesthetics that never goes out of fashion.

Loft style – Advantages

Loft furniture has many advantages, thanks to which it will attract the attention of design experts and people who value functionality combined with exceptional aesthetics. The designers’ experience allows us to create unique designs that will satisfy even the most demanding customers. Each element undergoes rigorous quality control, which makes them extremely durable. The variety of accessories in the loft style gives a great opportunity to show off to people who want to emphasize they are extraordinary personalities and arouse the delight of visiting guests. It can be, for example, an original shelf or a very simple clock in a metal frame, which will resemble clocks that measure the time of work in factories.

Why loft style

Loft-style arrangements are often chosen by people who want to make their interiors unique. The simple form of the furniture fits equally well with a different style of decor. The lack of fancy decorations makes the care very simple and quick, you only need to wipe the metal elements with a cloth.

A loft-style apartment

Loft furniture will successfully blend in with any interior design, and will suit modern apartments as well as those decorated in a classic style. Sometimes it is enough to make a small change to make our apartment look very tasteful and elegant. An extremely important element is the decor of the living room, which is the showcase of our apartment. The living room is a room where we spend our free time with our family and welcome guests, so let’s take care of a cozy atmosphere that will provide us with comfort and we will feel truly relaxed. Let’s start with a large and comfortable sofa that will outline the shape of the living room and we will be able to choose the rest of the furniture, equally important, complementing our arrangement.

Loft furniture – examples

Loft furniture, i.e. a combination of metal and the best quality wood, is a guarantee of stability and durability for many years. Tables, shelves, beds and wardrobes have solidly welded and ground welds that look phenomenal and, above all, ensure functionality. In addition, the metal bases of the furniture are powder coated, thanks to which they are protected against mechanical damage. The variety of loft furniture allows you to choose the simplest form or the more complex one that attracts attention with its originality.

Loft style – opinions

The unique nature of the furniture makes them look exceptionally effective and attracts more and more enthusiasts, who are looking for unusual solutions when arranging their interiors. The raw form of furniture is becoming very popular nowadays, thanks to its light and geometric structure, loft tables, bookcases, wardrobes, beds and sofas do not burden the space, which makes the rooms spacious and not cluttered with unnecessary objects. Owners of loft furniture value them mainly for the originality of workmanship and functionalism, e.g. a simple form of a loft bookcase fits both the living room, bedroom or hall, it will fit perfectly everywhere and will look as if it was created just for this place.

Description of the loft style

The loft style is characterized by austerity and minimalism. The metal bases of industrial furniture are combined with the highest quality wood, which looks great and is extremely durable. Original loft furniture is very popular and attracts the attention of followers of original solutions. The furniture is kept in neutral colours: white, black and shades of grey. The loft style reigns mainly in spacious rooms, combined living rooms with a dining room and a kitchen, although the variety of furniture makes it possible to arrange smaller rooms as well.

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