The industrial style appeared in Poland in the 1990s. Artists from the United States in the 1950s, looking for unusual solutions, decided to use abandoned halls and warehouses to introduce a new style of interior design known as industrial or loft. The industrial style is characterized by a large space, high rooms, and spacious windows. The main colors that characterize the loft style are black, gold, silver, and shades of beige. In the beginning, artists and lovers of this style focused on designing interiors and apartments using only industrial furniture. Later, industrial furniture found its use as individual additions to the interiors of living rooms, offices, waiting rooms, and even restaurants and bars. Thanks to its amazing structure consisting mainly of metal and wooden elements, industrial furniture emphasizes the elegance and originality of the interior.

To make the most of our living room space, whether it’s big or small, we need to plan carefully. The more square meters we have at our disposal, the greater the possibilities, although small rooms, thanks to the use of industrial style or industrial furniture, can attract the attention of many interior designers thanks to the minimalism, elegance, and aesthetics of the loft style.

It is important to emphasize the material used in the production of industrial furniture. Industrial tables, coffee tables, and desks are finished by powder coating, available in two options: matte or gloss. Considering the existing interior design, individual elements can be matched to previously purchased interior design elements.

Contemporary interior designers often choose to use mainly the industrial style. Industrial furniture is not only elegant but also easy to clean, thanks to the metal structure, which makes it resistant to damage and scratches and very functional. They allow you to perfectly use the available space. A good example is industrial desks; thanks to their metal structure, they are not only very solid and stable, but they also allow you to store a large number of heavy documents and other everyday items. In addition, there are industrial desks with a rack available on the market that allow for maximum use of space up to the ceiling; many companies offer custom-made desks, according to the customer’s wishes and design. The advantage of industrial furniture, especially desks and shelves, is the possibility of any arrangement of shelves and any size. They can be designed according to the individual needs of the client while allowing for a characteristic arrangement; the possibility of mixing important items, documents, or books with elegant accessories gives original solutions.

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