The rise of the industrial style

The industrial style comes from the United States, where it was born in the 1950s. Real estate agencies started offering collapsed workshops and factories as living spaces. The tall and long post-factory halls and buildings usually had brick walls, concrete floors, and floor-to-ceiling windows.

Industrial Furniture: Characteristics

Industrial furniture is currently enjoying great popularity. The most characteristic features of loft furniture are underdeveloped finishes and the use of raw materials such as concrete, steel, and wood. The industrial style of arrangement refers to the industrial interiors of warehouses and factory halls. Minimalism and open space inspire and delight design experts and fans of unusual solutions. Simple and minimalist, they harmoniously combine functionality with original aesthetics. Industrial furniture is also very versatile and durable; it will work well in a modern apartment as well as in a traditionally furnished apartment. Furniture structures are usually light and geometric, thanks to which industrial chests of drawers, tables, cabinets, shelves, and wardrobes do not burden the space, leaving it light and spacious.

What should industrial furniture look like?

Simplicity, an economy in decorative elements, strong colors, calm lines, and solid wood, which, as it ages, will acquire even more character, Industrial furniture should have a clear texture, such as visible rings, metal legs, handles, or other elements; it can be any metal painted black, as well as copper, nickel, and brass.

Industrial furniture needs to be durable, so it has metal elements in its supporting structure. You can find them at the feet of the chests of drawers and wardrobes. All kinds of door and drawer upholstery are also made of powder-coated metal. The metal elements should have regular shapes, although the form of the whole piece of furniture can be a bit fancy. Furniture made entirely of metal is no exception. The wardrobes and chests of drawers are large, made in a regular form, and all elements are very durable and made of the highest quality materials. A great effect is given by metal upholstery made within the glazing on tables or wooden cabinets. Black-painted metal flat bars also appear in the construction of dining tables and as the base of chests of drawers. By choosing an industrial style, we can give the living room a uniform and interesting character. Due to their high durability, they will also be used in a DIY workshop.

Stylish apartment in an industrial style

In the living room, roomy furniture with a simple form is the key to a stylish industrial arrangement. We should feel like we are inside a factory, in a workshop where objects are large and specific. The table should be spacious, with a solid frame and a thick top. In large spaces, pieces of furniture look best when they are massive and heavy.

In the case of a small, industrial-style living room, we cannot afford the largest dimensions, but the furniture should not be light and filigree. The choice of industrial-style lighting is huge: pendant lamps, chandeliers with copper fixtures, or wire shades.

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