Features of industrial furniture

The industrial style was born in the 1950s in the United States. The abandoned factories became apartments, studios and exhibition halls for many artists. Spacious rooms with windows from the floor to the ceiling turned out to be a field to show off when arranging the interior. Currently, the industrial style is gaining great popularity. The main features of industrial furniture are minimalism and functionality. It is thanks to these advantages that the industrial style has a growing number of supporters deciding on such interior design. A solid base of tables, coffee tables, wardrobes, sofas and desks guarantees their stability for many years.

The look of industrial furniture

With its unique style, industrial furniture attracts the attention of people who appreciate the combination of simple and minimalist solutions that harmoniously combine functionality with original aesthetics. The appearance of industrial furniture allows you to integrate them into any interior, both modern and classic. The simple form of the furniture makes it fit in any room, sometimes a minor change is enough, such as replacing a coffee table in the living room with an industrial-style table, which has a geometric shape and a wall decoration matched to it, to give our interior a unique character. An industrial bookcase will allow you to decorate your living room with flowers and your favourite items. The metal base of the furniture is powder coated, which protects it against mechanical damage, moisture and corrosion. The visual effect of painting can be glossy, matte or structural. A solid wood tabletop is the best match for our sturdy table legs. which is protected with UV-hardened oils, so no dirt or water can get into them. In the dining room, there should be a large table that will ensure comfort for the whole family during meals or meetings with friends.

The quality of industrial furniture will surely satisfy even the most demanding customers. The solidly constructed base of the furniture is welded and carefully ground, thanks to which it is easy to integrate into any interior. Experienced designers carefully develop each project to meet the customer’s requirements and serve him for many years. Each element undergoes rigorous quality control, which in turn translates into the functionality and durability of our furniture. The bases of tables, coffee tables, desks or shelves are connected with the best quality solid wood top, which is protected with UV-hardened oils so that dirt and water do not get into them.

Why is it worth choosing industrial furniture? When arranging the interior, it is worth focusing on furniture that will fit our rooms and provide us with the comfort of use. This is what industrial furniture is like, and thanks to its simplicity, it will easily fit into any interior. Functional industrial furniture allows for impeccable order and comfortable storage of things.

Industrial furniture – advantages

Furniture made in the industrial style has several advantages, thanks to which it is gaining more and more followers. Industrial furniture is universal and durable, it will certainly prove itself in a modern apartment as well as in a traditionally furnished apartment. Thanks to the light and geometric structure, industrial tables, chests of drawers, wardrobes, beds and sofas do not burden the space, leaving it light and spacious. The bases of industrial furniture are powder coated, thanks to which the surfaces are smooth, without stains or shortcomings. Each dimple or fold is perfectly covered, which is often unattainable using the traditional painting method. Powder paints are not harmful to the environment and health, they create a protective barrier against weather conditions and damage. Due to the solid workmanship, which guarantees the durability of the furniture, they will certainly also be used in the DIY garage.

Why the industrial style? The timeless form of industrial furniture will fit perfectly into any interior design. The simplicity of execution and minimalism make the furniture extremely functional and emphasize the unconventional personality of the owners of interiors decorated in an industrial style.

Metal furniture in an industrial-style home is the perfect combination of metal and the best quality wood. A simple form of furniture, devoid of fancy shapes, does not require long-term care treatments, which makes it easy to keep it clean.

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