Industrial tables – Metal tables

ELEKTRON consists of a team of specialists in the fields of design, production, and processing of metal furniture. Our assortment consists of many different types of products, but one of our specialties is undoubtedly metal tables. The table is the central element of each apartment, as well as a meeting place and home life center; therefore, it is worth ensuring that it is characterized by a high quality of production, only the highest quality components and materials, as well as a design that will stand the test of time. Precisely, we design all our metal tables to meet all these criteria. Therefore, before buying another table from a chain Swedish manufacturer, familiarize yourself with our offer, thanks to which you will not be forced to spend it again in a few years and your interior will gain style and class.

Metal tables—design

In our assortment, you will find a whole range of different table models that will be perfect for both office arrangements and as the center of home life in the living room. We offer a variety of designs in different colors, but they all share one thing in common: quality and durability. Here, every, even the most demanding customer, will find a metal table next to which they will not be able to pass indifferently.

Metal tables—production

ELEKTRON metal tables have more than just modern design, fashionable colors, and high-quality workmanship as advantages. They are also durable and resistant to different types of damage, making them perfect for everyday use. Because we use only high-quality materials, our metal tables will please the eye for years without losing their usefulness. Each metal table produced by us is perfectly sized and contoured, and each component has the appropriate quality certificates, so the only thing you should think about is choosing the model you like best from the entire range of patterns and colors we offer.

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