The industrial style, which started in the 1950s in the United States, is now very popular all over the world. Furniture made in the industrial style is characterized primarily by austerity and minimalism. Thanks to its simple form, this furniture is elegant and has a unique style. Industrial furniture will perfectly fit in both spacious rooms and apartments decorated in a classic style, and even in a small studio apartment. These are pieces of furniture that can certainly be counted among the few that fit into any interior, sometimes only minor changes in the interior design are enough to make our apartment functional and modern.

Industrial style – Advantages

There are many advantages of industrial furniture, the most important of which are functionality and durability. They look great in the living room or bedroom, they will also work well in our kids’ room, kitchen or bathroom. In the garage, they will certainly fulfil their function, because thanks to solid welds, shelves, tables and industrial shelves are stable and durable and allow safe storage of all items. The elements are powder coated, have a smooth surface, and are resistant to mechanical damage and moisture. Powder coating is not harmful to health and the environment, at the same time the elements are resistant to weather conditions such as low temperatures, rain or solar radiation. Thanks to these advantages, powder coating is a great solution for everyday items at home and in the garden.

Industrial style – Disadvantages

The only disadvantage of industrial furniture may be its price, which, however, translates into the quality of workmanship, satisfying the most demanding customers. These are high-end furniture, they have solidly made bases that are welded and polished. These bases are combined with the best quality solid wood top, which in turn is protected with UV-hardened oils so that dirt or water does not penetrate the wood. Such solidly made furniture will serve us for many years. The industrial style is characterized by austerity and minimalism. People who are considering the choice of industrial furniture often have a dilemma whether their interiors will not be too “cold” and deprived of good taste. Nothing could be more wrong, thanks to industrial furniture you can create unique places that will be perceived as extremely functional and even luxurious interiors. The variety of accessories in the industrial style allows you to achieve the intended goal and create a cozy atmosphere in your home.

Industrial style – opinions

Industrial furniture has a growing group of supporters who decide to decorate their interiors in the industrial style. These people want to emphasize their unconventional personalities and delight their guests with original solutions. Lovers of industrial furniture value functionality and the possibility of placing them in different places in the apartment.

Industrial style – examples

Industrial furniture in the living room is a perfect solution for people who value comfort and elegance. When arranging the living room, it is good to choose the right sofa that will define the shape of the living room and it will be easier for us to match the rest of the furniture to it. It is in the living room that we receive guests, so it is worth making sure that there is a pleasant atmosphere in it. The variety of industrial accessories allows us to create a unique space that favours relaxation for our family. Owners of many souvenirs and decorations can successfully put them on large metal shelves, they look great, they will certainly fulfil their function and will accommodate all our treasures. The shelves will fit into every place of our apartment, free-standing or attached to the wall or ceiling, they look extremely effective. If we have a living room combined with a dining room, the decor must fit perfectly. A large table in the dining room on a metal base will ensure the comfort of the household members during meals, it is around it that the family life focuses. When arranging an apartment, remember about accessories that take up little space and at the same time emphasize the minimalist character.

The loft decor is characterized by high ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows and lots of lamps that warm the interior and make it cozy. When arranging our apartment, we should remember that the loft is characterized mainly by simplicity and minimalism, which translates into functionalism of use and testifies to the good taste of the owner of the house. The composition of carefully selected materials will give the room a unique character, which will certainly attract the attention of our guests. If we have a small apartment, we can also introduce loft elements into it without any obstacles, but it is worth remembering about the appropriate arrangement of furniture and modest accessories that will complete the whole. Hanging mirrors is always useful in smaller rooms because they optically enlarge the surface.

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