Industrial style perceived as a luxury and having good taste, once a necessity to adapt to new living conditions. This style arose when in the 1950s in the United States began to rent abandoned factory halls. The willingness to adapt to spacious rooms and create living conditions in them is the main factor behind the industrial style. It works great in large and modern rooms, as well as in apartments decorated in a classic style.


The variety of industrial accessories allows for unique arrangements, distinguished by original workmanship and unusual aesthetics. Industrial lamps will certainly fit in perfectly, the variety of which allows you to arrange modern rooms, as well as those decorated in a classic style. The surface of industrial lamps can be matte or glossy, most often they take the form of a cone or a round.


The combination of metal and wood in the furnishings of our apartment looks very impressive and proves the originality of the owner. The solid base of the furniture, which is carefully welded and sanded, looks aesthetically pleasing and will certainly serve us for many years of use. Metal furniture has many advantages, thanks to which their popularity is still growing.


Allow for interesting arrangements in apartments decorated in almost any style. Their simple form, devoid of fancy decorations, allows the compositions of original accessories, thanks to which our apartment will take on an original character and emphasize our extraordinary personality. In industrial arrangements, there are often original and minimalist clocks and paintings, as well as practical and spacious containers. The great advantage of the industrial style is the possibility of using simple objects that can be used for interior decoration, it is a huge field for people who want to create their own design.

People who want to create a unique arrangement of their interiors often use metal accessories. A simple form of execution, resistance to mechanical damage, corrosion or moisture, all these advantages make more and more people reach for metal accessories, even if their interiors have a different decor than industrial. When arranging an industrial bedroom, let’s take care of appropriate accessories, such as: steel clothes hanger and a large standing lamp made of the same material and color. These 2 additions are enough to complete our unique arrangement. Simple metal lamps and shelves will add an industrial character to the bathroom.


Multifunctional stands are a great solution for arranging space in spacious rooms as well as in small apartments. Their solidly constructed structure allows them to be used to the maximum, they can successfully support the weight of large objects or flowers.


The variety of metal hangers allows for interesting arrangements in the apartment as well as in the office or hotel. Powder coated elements are resistant to mechanical damage or sunlight. Diversity in the choice of hangers or making a design of your own idea can turn out to be a great decoration. Choosing metal hangers, we are guaranteed solid workmanship and stability. For owners of small apartments, where it is not possible to install a wardrobe in the hall, a wall hanger is an excellent solution, which will accommodate our covers. A durable and made of the best quality materials, the hanger will certainly holds our clothes steadily.


The wall hanger is perfect for both large and small hallways, it does not require a lot of space. Its simple form or an interesting and original inscription will surely turn out to be an effective element of the interior design of our hall, regardless of whether it is industrial or classic.

METAL DECORATIONS have an original and remarkable form, thanks to which we can easily, quickly and cheaply give our rooms a unique character. In usually small spaces, such as hallways, metal hangers will certainly bring order and order. It is in the hall that we welcome our guests, the hanger is one of the first elements they come across. Hangers with a welcome inscription always make our guest smile.

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