Coffee table square 04ab

universal table for home

The Square 04AB table is characterized by high durability, both to external factors such as scratches and dirt and other damage related to the daily use of this type of furniture. A square 04AB table is the essence of elegance in its purest form. The table frame is made of the highest quality metal, while the top is made of an extremely durable and scratch-resistant metal sheet. In addition, the entire structure has been painted with an innovative powder coating method. Then, the paint in the form of a powder, heated to the appropriate temperature, melts, leaving a uniform, hard jar of paint on the element, which is a great protection against cracks and scratches, as well as the nightmare of all owners of metal furniture: corrosion. It is this technique, together with high-quality materials and diligence in the implementation of all production processes, that makes the Square 04AB table a universal and durable product of the highest quality!

Due to the materials used and their properties, as well as the timeless appearance, the Square 04AB table works in all conditions. It will be a great complement to any living room, workshop, factory, or bathroom! This piece of furniture will work everywhere. And no matter where you choose to place it, you can be sure it will keep its original condition and appearance for many years to come.









8 kg

Powder coating colour

RAL 9005 mat

The highest quality metal combined with precision. Everything is made of metal, the structure is made of a section permanently attached to the 2 mm thick sheet metal top. Everything is painted with the method of powder coating in order to give it extraordinary resistance to damage and moisture.

Due to its universal materials and form, the Square 04AB table can be used for many different purposes. If you are looking for a table for an apartment or house, you can easily choose the Square 04AB table. It will look great in a bathroom, bedroom, or as a coffee table. However, not only there, because the square 04AB table can also be an element of a garage or workshop.