Coffee Table Square 02ab

universal variant for home, workshop and office

The Square 02AB table is the perfect variant of a durable table for offices, factories, warehouses, or production plants. It is a functional and practical piece of furniture that, despite the above-mentioned advantages, does not look like a piece of furniture designed purely with utilitarian issues in mind. This is evidenced primarily by its neat and attractive appearance and quality. Looking at the quality of the Square 02AB table, you can immediately see that it was made with attention to all details, even the most insignificant ones. And this is the hallmark of furniture from Elektron Furniture Brand! It has been a leading company on the market for many years, known for the highest quality services and the production of attractive and durable furniture models of various types, and the Square 02AB table is the best example of this.

The Square 02AB table is an ideal option for people looking for a durable piece of furniture for a workshop, garage, or factory because it is entirely made of the highest quality metal covered with a layer of powder paint, which offers a protective barrier against mechanical damage and corrosion. However, it is not only a functional piece of furniture because, thanks to its clear, simple lines and the materials used, it also fits perfectly into industrial-style interiors, for example, the bathroom decor.









5,7 kg

Powder coating color

RAL 9005 mat

A universal table top made of 2 mm thick sheet metal. Construction made of high-quality profile tube. The whole is powder coated, thanks to which it is resistant to damage. The table is perfect for any interior, both for a living room and an office, thanks to the metal structure it is resistant to spilled liquids and easy to clean, as it does not require the use of cleaning chemicals.

The Square 02AB table will work wherever you can think of! It is a piece of furniture that will look good both in the workshop and in the bedroom, office, or living room.


The Square 02AB table is, above all, solid, durable, and functional. It works in all conditions, and at the same time, the black matte finish makes it look beautiful wherever you decide to place it.