Table Square 01AB

universal variant for home and office

The Square 01AB table is a durable and solid table entirely made of the best quality metal. It is a universal piece of furniture that will work both as a decoration for the apartment, which will add character and austerity to the interior, as well as a table that matches utility spaces. The Square 01AB table is a stylish and functional piece of furniture that can also be placed in factories, production plants, and warehouses. Apart from the attractive appearance, the all-metal frame and the top made of durable, powder-coated sheet metal make it extremely resistant to mechanical damage and the effects of moisture or high table temperatures. The layer of powder paint with a beautiful matte finish is not only an element that makes the table have an attractive black color, but in this case, it also provides great anti-corrosion protection and minimizes the risk of all kinds of dirt and scratches. For this reason, we recommend taking a closer look at this model for all those who are looking for a durable piece of furniture for many years.









6,7 kg

Powder coating colour

RAL 9005 mat



Universal table top made of sheet # 2 with dimensions of 200×200 mm. The entire structure is powder coated, thanks to which the table is resistant to damage, it will be perfect as a coffee table.

The Square 01AB table will prove itself in all possible conditions, and thanks to the fact that it is made of the highest quality powder-coated metal, we recommend it not only as a stylish element of the living room or bedroom decor but also as equipment for garages, workshops, and production plants.


Among the most important advantages of the Square 012AB table, first of all, the solidity and its resistance to external factors should be mentioned; secondly, we cannot forget about the elegant and functional appearance, which, thanks to its simple, classic lines, immediately brings to mind the industrial style.