Industrial interiors,

once a necessity and expression of adaptation to new living conditions, now perceived as a luxury and having good taste. The industrial style is characterized primarily by a large and open space. Additionally, the style is characterized by high ceilings, a large number of huge lamps, floor-to-ceiling windows.

When arranging an industrial-style kitchen, it should be remembered that the distinguishing features of this style are, above all, simplicity, minimalism and space. In such a kitchen, we should find as much steel as possible, open cabinets (simple form and metal elements), hangers and overhead cranes for utensils. A table with a metal top is a great option in the kitchen, and chairs should also be matched with it. To give the interior a more atmospheric character, it is enough to take care of the appropriate accessories. These can be, for example, original clocks made of metal or copper, elegant candlesticks or having a metal frame in a simple mirror shape.

In industrial interiors, the most fashionable are lighting fixtures stylized as spotlights. Ceiling lamps also perfectly illuminate selected places, such as the dining table. Solid furniture in an industrial style allows you to maintain impeccable order and comfortable storage of things. The bed in an industrial-style bedroom should be quite low and solid, additions can be steel or copper hangers for clothes and a standing lamp.

To get the dream effect in the bathroom, it is enough to use a loft bookcase instead of a closed, traditional cabinet, hang metal ceiling or wall lamps and a large mirror with a simple form. In the living room, the number of elements should be limited as much as possible by focusing on functional furniture with a designer form. An industrial table should be large, with the possibility of unfolding, where the whole family can sit comfortably. The TV cabinet is an indispensable piece of furniture which can accommodate all movies or music albums. The solid structure of the industrial bookcase will allow you to decorate your living room with flowers or your favorite items.

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